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Big Brother 6 – Saskia Howard-Clarke
Saskia Howard-Clarke is a “promotions girl” from London. She was the fifth evictee from the Big Brother house on July 1 2005 when she participated in the sixth series of the popular television programme.
In the first couple of weeks, Saskia proved to be popular with housemates and viewers alike. This was evident in week two when all of the housemates were put up for eviction via a public vote due to rule breaking because when Saskia’s name was announced, the live studio audience cheered her.
However, events took a turn for the worse things took a wrong turn when a divide in the house occurred and two members of her group, Anthony and Maxwell were banned from nominations – leaving Saskia in the vulnerable position of being nominated by the other group who sided with Makosi Musambasi after a heated confrontation between the pair.
Some of the comments Saskia made in her argument with Makosi sparked a debate about racism being a factor in the house and both Maxwell and Saskia were put up for the public vote. Saskia was evicted by a majority 71% of the vote and greeted the crowd to a mixed reception on Day 36. She received the highest percentage of any eviction vote during the whole series.
In her post-eviction interview, she later denied the matter by stating she was a quarter-Sri Lankan, a statement that did not justify or alter the opinions of many viewers.
This was Saskias nomination history during her stay in the Big Brother house:
1st (Day 5) – Saskia was nominated by Derek and Mary.
2nd (Day 11) – Saskia was nominated by Craig, Derek, Lesley and Vanessa.
3rd (Day 18) – Saskia was nominated by Science only. Go to this website
4th (Day 25) – Saskia received no nominations.
5th (Day 32) Saskia was nominated by Derek, Kemal, Makosi and Vanessa and was evicted via the public vote.
During her time in the Big Brother house Saskia coined phrases such as “end of” and “it’s dog eat dog” although she didn’t last too long and was evicted fifth when she and the oafish Maxwell were both nominated.
Even before her stint on Big Brother, Saskia enjoyed dating “famous” people and past boyfriends have included an Olympic swimmer, a Premiership footballer and she also dropped down a few divisions to hook up with Nottingham Forest striker Adam Nowland.
Saskia claims to go to the gym five times a week, she gets her nails done every month and is obsessed by fake tans.
Since leaving the house Saskia has been busy touring grotty nightclubs in a double act with Maxwell while also posing for glamour shots in lads mags to ensure she remains in the public eye.